Perham Down (MOD) with Midas Mi-Space


Project Allenby/Connaught is a 35 year project for the upgrade and operation of the UK Ministry of Defence’s Salisbury Plain and Aldershot Army garrisons.

Working alongside the main contractor (Mi-Space), Vent-Tech Ltd were asked to produce, compile and co-ordinate the Building Manual for the project at Perham Down, incorporating the Health & Safety File and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Manuals from the sub-contractors involved. The site project involved the build of a new accommodation and dining facilities. These files are required to follow the MOD’s own format for producing Building Manuals, which differs from the standard format Vent-Tech usually employs.

As well as liaising directly with Mi-Space, Vent-Tech was also required to co-ordinate with the 18 sub-contractors involved in the project who were completing different works packages from weapon racking to security doors.

The Result

Every project has a strict deadline for completion, where the main contractor (Mi-Space) hands the project over to the client (the MOD). At this point Mi-Space are obliged to provide the final Building Manual so that the client then has all the information they need about the works that have been carried out and to help maintain the facility in the future.

Vent-Tech met all the deadlines for the project and were able to present the Building Manuals in the specified MOD format on time. This has led to Vent-Tech now being recognised by Mi-Space as being able to produce Building Manuals in the style dictated by the MOD – and this in turn has led to Vent-Tech being awarded the Building Manuals contract for the work on two further projects at this same site.